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Smiling Therapist

Nye Elementary Health Office

2023 - 2024

Our Practice


Serving Nye Elementary Community


At Nye Elementary Health Office, we perform specialized health care services for pupils with disabilities and chronic health problems ;

perform first aid and routine health office clerical duties.

Duties may vary from site to site.

Perform specialized physical health care for pupils such as ileostomy/colostomy care, gastrostomy feedings, catheterization, gavage feeding, suctioning, and/or other services that require medically related training.

Perform routine and emergency diabetes care tasks, including blood glucose monitoring, urine ketone testing, carbohydrate counting, and glucagon administration (excluding insulin injections or insulin pump manipulation).

Assist in the administration of prescribed medication, including emergency glucagon and epinephrine auto-injections; assist in positioning pupils for health care and/or medication administration.

Provide illness and accident attention; change dressings.

Assist in a variety of health screening programs.

Contact parents regarding transportation for sick or injured pupils.

Perform receptionist duties in the school health office.


Unfortunately, forms can easily get missplaced. Any forms submitted to the Health Office, please make a copy for your own records.

Friendly Reminders :

Rainy season is here ;

Please pack extra clothes for your student regardless of their grade level.

We will not be calling home to request dry clothes. *

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